I’m Evie and I am 2

Life with a 2 plus something year old and a baby certainly has its ups and downs! But I have always loathed the term Two-nager for many reasons – mostly because she actual can’t have the independence a teenager can and thank goodness can’t bring boys/girls or any of that drama home! It is a time of much confusion in her little mind as she is now very clearly able to communicate what she wants and very strongly protest when she doesn’t!

Ahhh tantrums, they are a wonderful thing when you are out in public aren’t they? Those ones are usually driven by them wanting you to buy them something and you refuse or not wanting to walk anymore… hello embarrassing moment in Target when a puffy tutu style Elsa dress was spotted from afar! On to the Santa list with that one I had to tell her!

Anyway, I thought I would share some of the funnier reasons Evie has thrown a tantrum lately at home!

She wants socks on

She doesn’t want socks on

She doesn’t want me to take the socks off that she just told me she doesn’t want on…

She wants a gummy vitamin which I give to her and she then throws because she wanted to get it from the jar herself!

She wants her shoes on her shelf in her room but then she doesn’t…

She has to go to work

She wants us to stop talking

She doesn’t want to see the sun

I did her hair wrong (I did it how she asked me to!)

Because I won’t let her drink coffee

Because Her Banana broke

Because I didn’t give her what she wanted but also because I did!

Because I asked her not to lick everything

What funny things have your little ones been upset about? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!



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